Photogrammetric Week 1999

Fritsch/Spiller (Eds.)


Dieter Fritsch Virtual cities and landscape models – what has photogrammetry to offer?

Thomas Schürle Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) interface between photogrammetry, civil engineering and architecture

Claus Brenner Interactive modelling tools for 3D building reconstruction

Rudolf H. Spiller Z/I Imaging: A New System Provider for Photogrammetry and GIS

Helmut Heier Applications and market for digital airborne cameras


State-of-the-art of Digital Data Collection

Erik Lithopoulos The Applanix Approach to GPS/INS Integration

Michael Cramer Direct Geocoding – is Aerial Triangulation Obsolete?

Rainer Sandau, Peter Fricker, A. Stewart Walker Digital photogrammetric cameras: possibilities and problems

Gerhard Neukum The Airborne HRSC-A: Performance Results and Application Potential

Christian Thom, Jean-Philippe Souchon The IGN digital camera system in progress

Charles Toth Experiences with frame CCD arrays and direct georeferencing

Alexander Hinz The Z/I Imaging Digital Airborne Camera System

Clive Fraser Status of High Resolution Satellite Imaging

Christian Wever Laser Scanning – A Mapping Method Gains Ground

Uwe Lohr High Resolution Laserscanning, not only for 3D-City Models

Alfred Kleusberg, Hans-Georg Klaedtke Accuracy assessment of a digital height model derived from airborne synthetic aperture radar measurements

Richard Bamler The SRTM Mission: A World-Wide 30 m Resolution DEM from SAR Interferometry in 11 Days

Emmanuel P. Baltsavias On the performance of photogrammetric scanners


Towards full Automation in photogrammetric Restitution

Christian Heipke Automatic aerial triangulation: results of the OEEPE-ISPRS test and current developments

Thomas Kersten Digital Aerial Triangulation in Production – Experiences with Block Switzerland

Christoph Dörstel Perspectives for aerial triangulation offered by Z/I Imaging

Alain Dup�ret DTM edition in IGN France An operational process to generate contour lines

Karl Kraus, Wolfgang Rieger Processing of laser scanning data for wooded areas

Bettina Petzold, Martin Knabenschuh

Data post-processing of Laser Scan data for countrywide DTM production

Laurent Renouard, Frank Lehmann High Resolution Digital Surface Models and Orthoimages for Telecom Network Planning

Mostafa Madani OrthoPro: The Z/I Imaging Approach for the Orthophoto Production

Jos� L. Colomer, Romer Mena Nava, Roman Arbiol, Gloria Gonz�lez Cartographic Production in the Orinoco Area Using IFSAR

Volker Walter Automated GIS data collection and update

Helmut Mayer Trends and Perspectives of Automated GIS Data Collection


3D City Models: Generation and Application

Wolfgang Förstner 3D-City Models: Automatic and Semiautomatic Acquisition Methods

Manfred Wolf Photogrammetric Data Capture and Calculation for 3D City Models

Ralf-A. Sood, Cord Fahrenhorst Geocoded Image Sequences

Armin Grün, Xinhua Wang CyberCity Modeler, a tool for interactive 3-D city model generation

Norbert Haala Combining multiple data sources for urban data acquisition

Michael Gruber Managing Large 3D Urban Databases

John Danahy Visualisation Data Needs in Urban Environmental Planning and Design

Eckart Lange The Degree of Realism of GIS-Based Virtual Landscapes: Implications for Spatial Planning


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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