Photogrammetric Week 2003

Dieter Fritsch (Ed.)


Kurt Rothermel, Dominique Dudkowski, Frank Dürr, Martin Bauer, Christian Becker  Ubiquitous Computing – More than Computing Anytime Anyplace?

Johannes Saile INPHO GmbH – System Provider for Digital Photogrammetry

Paul G. Garland The Way Forward

Rolf Schäppi Powering Geospatial Imaging

Martin Kada 3D Building Generalisation and Visualisation


Analogue Versus Digital Image Data Collection

Ralf Reulke Film-based and Digital Sensors – Augmentation or Change in Paradigm?

John Welter, Kristian Morin Statewide Mapping in the Digital Age

Christoph Dörstel DMC – Practical Experiences and Photogrammetric System Performance

Franz Leberl, Michael Gruber Flying the New Large Format Digital Aerial Camera Ultracam

Mohamed M. R. Mostafa Design and Performance of the DSS

John Brandes Further Developments of Film Emulsions

Tracey Bjick, Jack Shevlin Monitor Calibration

Karsten Jacobsen Geometric Potential of IKONOS- and QuickBird-Images

Uwe Lohr Precise LIDAR DEM and True Ortho Photos

Hans-Gerd Maas Planimetric and height accuracy of airborne laserscanner data: User requirements and system performance


Distributed Photogrammetric Data Analysis

Toni Schenk Progress in Automatic Aerial Triangulation

Frank Bignone Processing of stereo scanner: from stereo plotter to pixel factory

Daniel Wuescher, Frank Neidhart Enterprise Photogrammetric Production Using TerraShare

Michael Cramer Integrated GPS/inertial and digital aerial triangulation – recent test results

Liang Tang, Jens Kremer, Helmut Kohlhaas Introducing DGPS/IMU-based Photogrammetry to China

Craig W. Molander

Integrated GPS/INS/ISAT Processing – A Case Study Through Practical Requirements

Adel Al-Shamsi, Khalid Dasmal, Khalid Al-Melhi 778 Models – 1 GCP, Experiences with CCNS-AEROcontrol at the MSD

Oliver Müllenhoff Evaluation of Multi-Frequency and Multi-Polarization Airborne SAR Data for Marsh Land and River Dyke Analysis

Josef Braun Aspects on True-Orthophoto Production


3D Visualisation and Animation

Ulrich Lang, Joachim Kieferle, Uwe Wössner

3D Visualisation and Animation – An Introduction

Stephan Nebiker DILAS – The Digital Landscape Server for the Generation and Management of Large 3D City Models

Ingolf Jung Virtuelle Stadtmodelle – Möglichkeiten neuester 3D Echtzeit-Visualisierung

Karl Kraus LaserScan DTMs for Modeling Flood Risk Areas

Angela Altmaier, Thomas H. Kolbe Applications and Solutions for Interoperable 3d Geo-Visualization

Holger Eichstädt 3D Modeling using DMC Data Input

Peter Noble, Martin Nix 3D North Sydney – Precise 3D database for Retrieval and Visualisation

Dieter Fritsch

3D Building Visualisation – Outdoor and Indoor Applications


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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