Photogrammetric Week 2011

Dieter Fritsch (Ed.)


Table of Contents



Allan I. Carswell
Lidar Imagery – From Simple Snapshots to Mobile 3D Panoramas


Jack Ickes
Hexagon Geosystems – A Solution for Every Application!


Johannes Saile
High Performance Photogrammetric Production


Hubert Minten
News from IGI


Alexander Wiechert, Michael Gruber
UltraCam and UltraMap – Towards All in One Solution by Photogrammetry


Susanne Becker
Towards Complete LOD3 Models – Automatic Interpretation of Building Structures


Dieter Fritsch
A Synopsis of the Carl Pulfrich Award


Digital Mapping Camera Evolution


Michael Cramer
Geometry Perfect – Radiometry Unknown?


Ruedi Wagner
Leica ADS80 and Leica XPro: A Total Solution for Photogrammetric Mapping


Ruedi Wagner
The Leica RCD30 Medium Format Camera: Imaging Revolution


Klaus J. Neumann
The Z/I DMC II – "Imaging Revolution"


Michael Gruber, Martin Ponticelli, Alexander Wiechert
UltraCam, A Brand for Continuous Developments


Bernd Eissfeller, Dominik Dötterböck, Stefan Junker, Carsten Stöber
Online GNSS Data Processing – Status and Future Developments


Werner Mayr
Unmanned Aerial Systems in Use for Mapping at Blom


Henri Eisenbeiss
The Potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Mapping


Jens Kremer
Power Line Mapping: Data Acquisition with A Specialized Multi-Sensor Platform


Marco Weber
TANDEM-X: A New Area of Global Digital Elevation Data


Konrad Schindler, Haris Papasaika-Hanusch, Stefan Schütz, Emmanuel Baltsavias
Improving Wide-Area DEMs Through Data Fusion – Chances and Limits


Point Cloud Generation and Processing


Heiko Hirschmüller
Semi-Global Matching – Motivation, Developments and Applications


Norbert Haala
Multiray Photogrammetry and Dense Image Matching


Tobias Heuchel, Andre Köstli, Charles Lemaire, Dietmar Wild
Towards a Next Level of Quality DSM/DTM Extraction with MATCH-T


Juha Hyyppä
State of the Art in Laser Scanning


Andreas Ullrich, Martin Pfennigbauer
Echo Digitization and Waveform Analysis in Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning


Lewis Graham
Aerial and Mobile Point Cloud Integration – An Industrial Perspective


Ronald Roth
Leica ALS70 – Point Density Multiplication for High Density Surface Acquisition


Towards 3D Augmented Worlds


Jan-Michael Frahm, Pierre Fite-Georgel, Enrique Dunn
State of the Art and Challenges in Crowd Sourced Modeling


H.Chris McGregor, David S. Mitchell, Lyn Wilson, Douglas K. Pritchard
Two Avenues for Data: Rosslyn Chapel as A Terrestrial Scanning Case Study


Bart Beers
Collection and Application of 2D and 3D Panoramic Imagery


Christoph Strecha
The Accuracy of Automatic Photogrammetric Techniques on Ultra-Light UAV Imagery


Florian Siegert
Very Advanced 3D Landscape Models


Dieter Fritsch, Ali Mohammad Khosravani, Alessandro Cefalu, Konrad Wenzel
Multi-Sensors and Multiray Reconstruction for Digital Preservation



PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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