54th Photogrammetric Week

September 9-13, 2013, University of Stuttgart



Dieter Fritsch
Welcome Address

Chen Jun, President ISPRS
Welcome Address


Uwe Franke

How Cars Learned to See

Jack Ickes

From Sensor to Information – The Evolution Continues

Ralph D. Humberg

Connecting the Dots and Points in the Geospatial World

Albrecht Grimm

IGI – History – Present – Future

Alexander Wiechert

UltraCam and UltraMap – An Update

Stewart Walker

The Product Pipeline of BAE Systems for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Adi Gozes

VisionMap Sensors and Processing Roadmap

Konrad Wenzel

SURE – The ifp Software for Dense Image Matching

Data Collection From Air, Space and Ground - An Update

Dieter Fritsch

Oblique Image Data Processing – Potential, Experiences and Recommendations

Ruediger Wagner

The Leica Geosystems CityMapper Solution

Yuri Raizman

High Throughput Aerial Photography, Ortho & 3D Processing

Michael Gruber

Oblique Image Collection – Challenges and Solutions

Jens Kremer

Contour Flying for Airborne Data Acquisition

Peter Van Blyenburgh

RPAS – The European Approach & The Way Forward

Werner Mayr

Unmanned Aerial Systems – for the Rest of Us

Michael Cramer

The UAV@LGL BW Project – A NMCA Case Study

Andreas Schilling

Another Step towards Measuring the World from the Air: Model-based 3D Real-time Simulation of Micro-UAV

Uwe Soergel (not available)

The TanDEM-X Mission: Data Collection and Deliverables

Juha Hyyppä

Unconventional LIDAR Mapping from Air, Terrestrial and Mobile

Advanced Methods of Computer Vision and Photogrammetry

Luc Van Gool

Towards Semantic City Models

Martin Schaich (not available)

Combined 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry Surveys with 3D Database Support for Archaeology & Cultural Heritage.
A Practice Report on ArcTron's Information System aSPECT3D

Andreas Ullrich

Sampling the World in 3D by Airborne LIDAR – Assessing the Information Content of LIDAR Point Clouds

Samuel Bärisch

Operational Generation of High Resolution Digital Surface Models from Commercial Tri-Stereo Satellite Data

Norbert Haala

The Landscape of Dense Image Matching Algorithms

Philippe Simard

Dense DSM Generation Using the GPU

Solving the Future Mapping Problems, All About 3D Modelling

Daniel Thalmann

Towards Virtual Life in 3D Cities

Martin Fellendorf

Digital Terrain Models for Road Design and Traffic Simulation

Martin Ritz

CultLab3D – Fast and Economic, High Quality 3D Digitization of Cultural Heritage Artifacts

Livio De Luca

3D Modelling and Semantic Enrichment in Cultural Heritage

Marinos Ioannides

From Point Clouds to Triangular Meshes

Stephen Lawler

3D Mapping and Photogrammetry

Dieter Fritsch


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April 1-4, 2025




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