53rd Photogrammetric Week

September 5-9, 2011, University of Stuttgart



Dieter Fritsch
Welcome Address

Orhan Altan, President ISPRS
Welcome Address


Allan I. Carswell
Lidar Imagery – From Simple Snapshots to Mobile 3D Panoramas

Jack Ickes
Hexagon Geosystems – A Solution for Every Application!

Ralph D. Humberg
High Performance Photogrammetric Production

Hubert Minten
News from IGI

Alexander Wiechert
UltraCam and UltraMap – Towards All in One Solution by Photogrammetry

Susanne Becker
Towards Complete LOD3 Models – Automatic Interpretation of Building Structures

Dieter Fritsch
Carl Pulfrich Award

Digital Mapping Camera Evolution

Michael Cramer
Geometry Perfect – Radiometry Unknown?

Ruedi Wagner
Leica ADS80 and Leica XPro: A Total Solution for Photogrammetric Mapping
The Leica RCD30 Medium Format Camera: Imaging Revolution

Klaus J. Neumann
The Z/I DMC II – "Imaging Revolution"

Michael Gruber
UltraCam, A Brand for Continuous Developments

Bernd Eissfeller
Online GNSS Data Processing – Status and Future Developments

Werner Mayr
Unmanned Aerial Systems in Use for Mapping at Blom

Henri Eisenbeiss
The Potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Mapping

Jens Kremer
Power Line Mapping: Data Acquisition with A Specialized Multi-Sensor Platform

Marco Weber
TANDEM-X: A New Area of Global Digital Elevation Data

Konrad Schindler
Improving Wide-Area DEMs Through Data Fusion – Chances and Limits

Point Cloud Generation and Processing

Heiko Hirschmüller
Semi-Global Matching – Motivation, Developments and Applications

Norbert Haala
Multiray Photogrammetry and Dense Image Matching

Tobias Heuchel (not available)
Towards a Next Level of Quality DSM/DTM Extraction with MATCH-T

Juha Hyyppä
State of the Art in Laser Scanning

Andreas Ullrich
Echo Digitization and Waveform Analysis in Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Lewis Graham
Aerial and Mobile Point Cloud Integration – An Industrial Perspective

Ronald Roth
Leica ALS70 – Point Density Multiplication for High Density Surface Acquisition

Towards 3D Augmented Worlds

Jan-Michael Frahm
State of the Art and Challenges in Crowd Sourced Modeling

Lyn Wilson
Two Avenues for Data: Rosslyn Chapel as A Terrestrial Scanning Case Study

Bart Beers
Collection and Application of 2D and 3D Panoramic Imagery

Christoph Strecha(not available)
The Accuracy of Automatic Photogrammetric Techniques on Ultra-Light UAV Imagery

Florian Siegert (not available)
Very Advanced 3D Landscape Models

Dieter Fritsch
Multi-Sensors and Multiray Reconstruction for Digital Preservation

Dieter Fritsch


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




Carl Pulfrich

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