52nd Photogrammetric Week

September 7-11, 2009, University of Stuttgart

Dieter Fritsch


Welcome Address


Thomas Ertl Towards Gigapixel Display for Data Visualization

J�rgen Dold Leica Geosystems Photogrammetric Sensor and Workflow Developments

Johannes Saile INPHO GmbH - Ready for the Future

Hartmut Rosengarten Intergraph�s PhoWo Message

Albrecht Grimm New Products and Services from IGI

Stewart Walker New Features in SOCET SET

Martin Kada A Contribution to 3D Generalisation

Albrecht Grimm The Origin of the Term Photogrammetry


Digital Image Data Collection - Strength and Weakness

Joachim Burghartz Trends in Digital Imaging

Peter Fricker Raising the Bar for Multi-Band High-Resolution Airborne Imagery

Christoph Dörstel DMC - (R)evolution on Geometric Accuracy

Michael Cramer 1The EuroSDR Performance Test for Digital Aerial Camera Systems

Gregory L. Stensaas U.S. Geological Survey Digital Aerial Mapping Camera Certification and Quality Assurance Plan for Digital Imagery

Eija Honkavaara Radiometric Performance of Digital Image Data Collection - A Comparison of ADS40/DMC/UltraCam and EmergeDSS

Tobias T�lg Newest Technologies for Compact Digital Aerial Survey Cameras

Michael Gruber UltraCamX, the new Digital Aerial Camera System by Microsoft Photogrammetry

Rolf Becker Geometric Performance of Digital Airborne Camera Systems - A User's Perspective

Uwe Stilla High Resolution Radar Imaging of Urban Areas

Norbert Pfeifer Progress in LiDAR Sensor Technology – Chance and Challenge for DTM Generation and Data Administration



Ismael Colomina From Off-line to On-line Geocoding: the Evolution of Sensor Orientation

Bernd Eissfeller Performance of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo

Mohamed Mostafa New Developments of Inertial Navigation Systems at Applanix

Jens Kremer Performance of the StreetMapper Mobile LIDAR Mapping System in “Real World” Projects

Jan Skaloud Reliability of Direct Georeferencing - Beyond the Achilles’ Heel of Modern Airborne Mapping

Wolfgang Förstner

Online Geocoding and Evaluation of Large Scale Imagery without GPS

Tobias Heuchel

Performance improvements of digital photogrammetric systems



Franz Steidler

Reality-based virtual 3D city models with Google Earth Integration

Brad Skelton

Image Exploitation for the Enterprise

Mostafa Madani Today�s Orthophoto Production - The Business Model

Dietmar Grünreich Status of European Geospatial Data Infrastructures

Monika Sester 3D Visualization and Generalization

Kurt DeVenecia New Approaches to Generating and Processing High Resolution Elevation Data with Imagery

Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak Photogrammetry and 3D Car Navigation

Volker Walter Quality Control of 3D Geospatial Data

Daniela Nicklas

Nexus - A Global, Active, and 3D Augmented Reality Model

Dieter Fritsch

Podcasting Photogrammetry - A Contribution to Life Long Learning

Dieter Fritsch

Closing Session


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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