Photogrammetric Week 1995

Fritsch/Hobbie (Eds.)

Opening Lecture

Ulrich Walter The D-2 Mission - 10 Days between Heaven and Earth



Christoph Dörstel PHODIS Innovations

Herwig Mehlo Photogrammetric Scanners

Norbert Haala 3D Building Reconstruction using Linear Edge Segments

Dieter Fritsch, Dieter Schmidt The Object-oriented DTM in GIS


Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing from Space

Michael Claus Demands on Electro-optical Cameras for Sensing and Mapping

G. Neukum, J. Oberst, G. Schwarz, J. Flohrer, I. Sebastian, R. Jaumann, H. Hoffmann, U. Carsenty, K. Eichentopf, R. Pischel The Multiple Line Scanner Camera Experiment for the Russian Mars 96 Mission:Status Report and Prospects for the Future

Alain Baudoin The Spot Programme: Today and beyond 2000

Lawrence W. Fritz Recent Developments for Optical Earth Observation in the United States

Franz Schneider, Michael Hahn Automatic DTM Generation using MOMS-02/D2 Image Data 

Jochen Schiewe Cartographical Potential of MOMS-02/D2 Image Data

Hermann Kaufmann, Michael Berger Extraction of Semantic Information from MOMS-02/D2 Image Data 

J. Bryan Mercer SAR Technologies for Topographic Mapping

Ph. Hartl, K.-H. Thiel, X. Wu, Y. Xia Earth Observation by means of SAR - Present State and Future Possibilities

Klaus-Peter Schwarz Integrated Airborne Navigation Systems for Photogrammetry

Herbert Krauß, Werner Guder Praktische Erfahrungen mit Bildorientierung


Digital Aerotriangulation

Dieter Fritsch Introduction into Digital Aerotriangulation

Wolfgang Förstner

Matching Strategies for Point Transfer

Eberhard Gülch

Automatic Control Point Measurement

Timm Ohlhof Block Triangulation using Three-line Images

Vassilios Tsingas Operational Use and Empirical Results of Automatic Aerial Triangulation

Peter Krzystek, Tobias Heuchel, Uwe Hirt, Frank Petran A New Concept for Automatic Digital Aerial Triangulation

Werner Mayr Aspects of Automatic Aerotriangulation

Dietrich G. Haumann

Practical Experience with Digital Aerotriangulation

Martin Beckschäfer

Digitale Photogrammetrie im Praktischen Einsatz


Three - Dimensional Geographic Information System

Craig Robinson, Bruce Montgomery, Clive Fraser The Effects of Image Compression on Automated DTM Generation

Uwe Lohr, Max Eibert The TopoSys Laser Scanner-System

Eckhardt Seyfert Erste Erfahrungen bei der automatischen Generierung von digitalen Höhenmodellen in Siedlungsgebieten

Karl Kraus From Digital Elevation Model to Topographic Information System

Alfred Dietrich 3D-GIS der Altstadt Regensburg

Alessandro Carosio Three-Dimensional Synthetic Landscapes:Data Acquisition, Modelling and Visualisation

Norbert Benecke The Processing of Photogrammetrically-Generated Elevation Modelsin the Ruhrkohle AG Geographical Information System (GIS)

Joerg Schaller GIS Application in Landscape Planning

Knut Reed Medium Scale Digital Mapping Project in Indonesia

Torsten Haß Erschließung photogrammetrischer Daten und Zusatzdaten für ein Forst-GIS

Jan Duvenhorst Photogrammetry in Forestry - Tool for Effective Inventory and Planning


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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