Photogrammetric Week 2009

Dieter Fritsch (Ed.)


Frank Leymann Cloud Computing: The Next Revolution in IT

Juergen Dold, Doug Flint, Mladen Stojic From Earth to Image Distribution, Leica Geosystems and ERDAS
Advances in Geospatial Solutions

Jack Ickes Intergraph – A Company Profile

Alexander Wiechert, Michael Gruber Vexcel Imaging GmbH – Innovating in Photogrammetry:
UltraCamXp, UltraCamLp and UltraMap

Johannes Saile News from Trimble GeoSpatial

Hubert Minten The Modular System Concept of IGI


Image-based Data Collection

Michael Cramer Digital Airborne Camera Performance – The DGPF Test

Dirk H. Doering, Joern Hildebrandt, Norbert Diete Advantages of Customized Optical Design for Aerial Survey Cameras

Robert E. Ryan, Mary Pagnutti Enhanced Absolute and Relative Radiometric Calibration for Digital Aerial Cameras

Christoph Dörstel RMK D – A True Metric Medium-Format Digital Aerial Camera System

Michael Pechatnikov, Erez Shor, Yuri Raizman The New Vision Map A3 Airborne Camera System

Jens Kremer Optimized Data Acquisition with the IGI DigiTHERM Thermal Camera System

Nils Karbø, Ralf Schroth Oblique Aerial Photography: A Status Review

Andreas Eckardt, Anko Börner, Frank Lehmann The Bright Future of High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing –
Will Aerial Photogrammetry Become Obsolete?


LiDAR: Airborne, Terrestrial and Mobile Applications

George Vosselman Advanced Point Cloud Processing

Charles Toth The State-of-the Art in Airborne Data Collection Systems – Focused on LiDAR

Ronald Roth Point Clouds and Pixels – New Technology Solutions for Imaging and Scanning Sensors

Jan Böhm Terrestrial LiDAR in Urban Data Acquisition

Graham Hunter Mobile Mapping – The StreetMapper Approach

Nedal Al-Hanbalia, Joe Hutton, Mohamed MR Mostafa Mobile Mapping for Earthwork Monitoring: A Case Study on the Convergence
of Photogrammetry with Advanced Positioning Techniques for Maximum Productivity
and Accuracy

Naser El-Sheimy Emerging MEMS IMU and Its Impact on Mapping Applications

Jim Peterson, Ken Spratlin Integrating Various Terrestrial and Aerial Sensor Data for Transportation Projects

Bryan Mercer Countrywide Coverage of RADAR DTMs – The Intermap Approach


Value-Added Photogrammetry

Wolfgang Förstner

Computer Vision and Remote Sensing – Lessons Learned

Franz Leberl, Stefan Kluckner, Horst Bischof

Collection, Processing and Augmentation of VR Cities

Thomas H. Kolbe, Claus Nagel, Alexandra Stadler

CityGML – OGC Standard for Photogrammetry?

Brad Skelton, Mladen Stojic, Jason Sims

Sensor to Internet: A Complete Workflow from Pixels to the Web with
On-Demand Geoprocessing

Norbert Haala

Comeback of Digital Image Matching

Eberhard Gülch

Advanced Matching Techniques for High Precision Surface and Terrain Models

Ben Kacyra

CyArk 500 – 3D Documentation of 500 Important Cultural Heritage Sites

Christian Heipke, Kevin Mooney

EuroSDR – a Research Organisation Serving Europe's Geospatial Information Needs

Martin Kada

The 3D Berlin Project

Jürgen Döllner

Towards the Automated Construction of Digital Cities


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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