57th Photogrammetric Week

September, 9-13, 2019, Stuttgart

Tutorial on Sunday, Sep 8, 2019.

On Sunday there will be offered one tutorial with three topics from 12.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. It will take place in lecture hall 17.02, Keplerstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart.


Topics include

State-of-the-art in UAV-based Mapping

  • Is UAV-based mapping so much different to regular flight campaigns?
  • Is there any (photogram-)metric UAV-based camera?
  • Can UAV-based mapping catch the last millimetre?
  • Are there any updates in the georeferencing of UAV-based imagery? 

Modern LIDAR Sensor Technologies

  • LiDAR basics: Geometry and radiometry
  • From single to multiple pulses in the air
  • From discrete to returns to full waveform LiDAR
  • From single wavelength to multispectral LiDAR
  • From topography to bathymetry
  • From linear-mode to Single Photon LiDAR
  • From single purpose scanners to hybrid sensor systems
  • From manned platforms to UAV LiDAR

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing

  • Deep Learning and CNNs – Basics and principles
    • Main Concept and Components of Deep Learning
    • Training of Neural Networks
    • From Neural Networks to CNNs
  • Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks
    • State-of-the-art of CNNs for Image Analysis
    • Semantic Segmentation for Image Classification
  • Exemplary applications: Deep Learning on 3D Point Clouds


map lecture hall 17.02




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