Photogrammetric Week 1989

Schriftenreihe des Instituts f�r Photogrammetrie, Heft 13




M. Molenaar

Status and Problems of Gographical Information Systems

J. Lindenberger

Test Results of Laser Profiling for Topographic Terrain Survey

J. Braun

Present Status of the PHOCUS Development

J. Saile

PC Software for P-Series Planicomp

H. Faust

Digitization of Photogrammetric Images

H. Z�gge

Photogrammetric Camera Systems


Photogrammetric Data Acquisition for Spatial Information Systems

D. Fritsch

Acquisition, Topology and Structuring of Spatial Data

A. Reuter

Non-conventional Data Base Concepts for Spatial Information Systems

W. Michalski

The Role of Photogrammetry for ATKIS

J.-P. Gomis

Photogrammetry and LIS/GIS in France - an Example

T. Bengtson / L. Joergensen

Concept and Preparation of a Spatial Information System for Denmark

F. Ohlsson

Feature-oriented Data Acquisition as a Service

W. Reinhardt

Interactive Generation of Digita� Terrain Models

M. Hahn

Automatic Measurement of Digital Elevation Models with Image Matching Techniques

K. Menke

PHOCUS - Concept and Perspectives


Digital Photogrammetry - Reality and Perspectives

F. Lanzl

Digital Cameras for Metric Applications

G. Petrie

Components of Digital Photogrammetric Workstations

R. Gro�kopf

Digital Processing Techniques for High-resolution Images

H. Burkhardt

Parallel Algorithms for Image Analysis

A. Gibson

Application of Image Processing in Photogrammetric Workstations

P. Lohmann

Concept and Implementation of a Digital Photogrammetric System

W. F�rstner

Image Analysis Methods for Digital Photogrammetry

B. Wrobel

Geometrical-Physical Principles of Digital Image Processing

H.-P. B�hr

The Digital Orthophoto and its Capabilities


Aerial Survey with GPS and Laser

G. Hein

High-Precision Kinematic Positioning with GPS and INS

K.-H. Thiel

Further Development of the GPS System and of GPS Receivers

H.J.W. van der Vegt

GPS Test Flight Flevoland

�. Andersen

Experience with Kinematic GPS during Aerial Photography in Norway

I. Colomina

Combined Adjustment of Photogrammetric and GPS Data

W.B. Krabill

GPS Applications to Laser Profiling and Laser Scanning for Digital Terrain Models



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