Photogrammetric Week 1997

Fritsch/Hobbie (Eds.)

Opening Lecture

Jack Dangermond

Synergy of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and GIS



Michael Cramer

GPS/INS Integration

Karl-Heinrich Anders

Automated interpretation of digital landscape models

Ulrich Vogelsang

Image Digitization Using PHODIS SC/SCAI

Josef Braun

Automated Photogrammetry with PHODIS�


Aerial Photoflight versus Satellite Image Service

Alexander Hinz

Design Concepts for Digital Photogrammetric Cameras

Hartmut Ziemann

Comparing the photogrammetric performance of film-based aerial cameras and digital cameras

Dieter Fritsch

Experiences with the airborne three-line camera system DPA

Christian Thom, Isabelle Jurviellier

Current Status of the Digital Camera Ign

Heinrich Ebner

Digital Photogrammetry within the MOMS-2P/PRIRODA Mission

Douglas B. Gerull

Building, Launching and Operating an Earth-Imaging High-Resolution Satellite: The Earth Watch EarlyBird Satellite Evolution from Design through Launch to On-Orbit Operation

Jolyon D. Thurgood

Space Imaging EOSAT: An update

Richard Bamler

Digital Terrain Models from Radar Interferometry


Image Analysis for GIS-data Revision

Paul Hartfiel

Higher performance with automated arial trianguation

Michael Hahn

Automatic Control Point Measurement

Rüdiger Ament

Orthobilder in der ATKIS-Fortführung

Berthold Plietker

Automatisierte Methoden zur ATKIS-Fortführung auf der Basis von digitalen Orthophotos

Renauld Ruskon�, Sylvain Airault

Toward an automatic extraction of the road network by local interpretation of the scene

Eckhard Siebe, Ulrich Büning

Application of Digital Photogrammetric Products for Cellular Radio Network Planning

Werner Bauer

Anforderungen an 3D-Stadtmodelle am Beispiel Stuttgart 21

Armin Grün

Automation in Building Reconstruction


Management and Exchange of Digital Images

Michael Thierschmann, Uwe Martin, Reinhard Rösel

New Perspectives on Image Compression

Oliver Jockenhövel

Die digitale Videodisc DVD als Bildspeichermedium

Klaus-Dieter Reiniger

Digital Storage Devices for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Holger Maass, Klaus-Dieter Missling, Hans-Jürgen Wolf

Set-up of a digital image archive for MOMS-2P(PRIRODA) data

Jan Willem Van Eck

Using Image Data in Geoengineering

Lance McKee, Werner Kuhn

The OpenGIS Consortium's Purpose and Technical Approach

Volker Walter

Photogrammetry in the internet - challenge or temporary usage

Marlies de Gunst, Peter van Oosterom

Network computers at the Dutch Cadastre

George Lee, John Thorpe

USA's National Digital Orthophoto Program

Peter Reiß

Production of Digital Orthophotos and Orthophotomaps at the Bavarian Land Survey Office

Stefan Schimpf

UNIX or WINDOWS NT - a perspective view


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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