Photogrammetric Week 2001

Fritsch/Spiller (Eds.)


Gerhard Thiele  The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)

Steffen Volz   Information Management for Location Aware Applications

Heiner Hild Automatic Image-To-Map-Registration of Remote Sensing Data

Lewis Graham Workflow Oriented Sensor Management Systems

Helmut Heier Deploying DMC in today's workflow


Sensor Integration for Image Data Collection

Michael Cramer Performance of GPS/Inertial Solutions in Photogrammetry

Mohamed Mostafa, Joe Hutton, Blake Reid GPS/IMU products - the Applanix approach

Jens Kremer CCNS and AEROcontrol: Products for Efficient Photogrammetric Data Collection

Alexander Hinz, Christoph Dörstel, Helmut Heier DMC - The Digital Sensor Technology of Z/I-Imaging

Peter Fricker ADS40 - Progress in digital aerial data collection

Gerhard Neukum The airborne HRSC-AX cameras: evaluation of the technical concept and presentation of application results after one year of operations

Nicolas Blanc CCD versus CMOS - has CCD imaging come to an end?

Stefan Scherer, Manfred Krischke The RapidEye optical satellite family for high resolution imagery

Alain Baudoin From the SPOT family towards the Pl�iades concept - the proven and extended EO system

Claus Brenner City Models - Automation in Research and Practice

Marian Werner Status of the SRTM data processing: when will the world-wide
30m DTM data be available?

J. Moreira, M. Schwäbisch, C. Wimmer, M. Rombach, J. Mura Surface and Ground Topography Determination in Tropical Rainforest Areas Using Airborne Interferometric SAR


Data Fusion and Automation

Christoph Dörstel, Liang Tang, Mostafa Madani Automatic Aerial Triangulation Software Of Z/I Imaging

Stewart Walker, Scott B. Miller New Developments of SOCET SET, ORIMA and PRO600

Manfred Sigle, Tobias Heuchel MATCH-AT: Recent Developments and Performance

Christian Heipke, Karsten Jacobsen, Helge Wegmann The OEEPE Test on Integrated Sensor Orientation - Results of Phase I

Ahmed Mohamed Advancements in the Development of DORIS

Andreas Schleyer

Das Laserscan-DGM von Baden-Württemberg

Bryan Mercer Combining LIDAR and IfSAR: What can you expect?

Sveinung Himle Sensor integration and data fusion in praxis

Mikael Holm An integrated approach for orthoimage production

Norbert Haala

Automated image orientation in a location aware environment

Karl-Heinrich Anders Data Mining for Automated GIS Data Collection


Web Photogrammetry and eBusiness

Pierre Gussenmeyer, Pierre Drap

Possibilities and limits of Web photogrammetry Experiences with the ARPENTEUR web based tool

H. Rosengarten TerraShareTM - Distributed Image Data Management

Trevor Greening Experience with the TerraShare Product in a Production Environment

Christoph Ueffing Wavelet based ECW image compression

Peter Jäger Web based mapping - the ESRI approach

Uwe Meyer Managing Large Imagery Databases via the Web

Michael Reiss E-Business: Basics and Challenges

Dieter Fritsch

Electronic Business and Mobile Photogrammetry: Visions for the Future


PhoWo 2025

April 1-4, 2025




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